4.4.4: Lesson 4 — American Short Stories

Congratulations for reaching Year 4 of your American English studies.  This year we will read numerous American short stories to build American English listening and reading comprehension skills.  Please pay close attention to each American short story assigned here and share your insights and what you’ve learned in the comments section below.

Directions:  Listen and read each short story and then share what you learned in the comments section below.


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  1. 4.4.4: Lesson 4
    American stories.
    ”From the Cabby’s Seat” written by Henry.
    It is a delightful tale. Jerry O’Donovan is the owner of cab. like other cabbies, jerry considers passengers to be nothing more than objects to transport from one location to another. If a passenger pays him well, he earns his respect. However, if a passenger has no money to pay the cabby, it becomes a challenging situation for both parties. You may be president, or you may be no one people are not people are not important to him, but cabby you are only a ‘fair’. he sees every person as a ” fair rather than a person.
    One night when he has had a bit too much drink, a lady gets on his cab and tells him wherever he wants to take her. It is up to him. after taking her to the park and the casino, he thinks to ask whether she has the money to for her ride. when she tells cabby that she has a few cents only and cannot pay his due amount which is $4. this gets angered jerry. He runs his horse, and both ended up in the police station. Jerry tells the cop that he has a passenger in his cab and can’t pay his due amount. Now the effect of alcohol is releasing, and he is regaining his senses. He smiles and stops thinking and changes the story which he is about to telling the cop and revealed that the passenger is his wife, she is Nora Walsh who has recently married Jerry. The theme of the story is humor and love people perception

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