4.3.4: Lesson 3 — American Short Stories

Congratulations for reaching Year 4 of your American English studies.  This year we will read numerous American short stories to build American English listening and reading comprehension skills.  Please pay close attention to each American short story assigned here and share your insights and what you’ve learned in the comments section below.

Directions:  Listen and read each short story and then share what you learned in the comments section below.


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  1. 4.3.4 Lesson-3 American short stories
    ” A Retrieved Reformation” O. Henry.
    The story ”A Retrieved Reformation ”written by O.Henry revolves around a safe cracker and young criminal, named Jimmy Valentine. Jimmy’s character undergoes significant changes, Initially, he is a career criminal known as Jimmy Valentine. However, he assumes a new identity as Ralf D Spencer, a shoe salesman, his dual identity is a mystery. After being release from prison, he initially returns to a life of crime, robbing banks. and he knows how to keep police off his back, so he does not get caught but on a job in Elmore, jimmy’s life is changed. However, his meeting with Annabel, daughter of the bank owner, leads him to right way and he starts thinking to leave his criminal past. Jimmy’s love for Annabel plays a significant role in his rehabilitation. Falling love with her helps out to disown his criminal ways and adopt a new identity as Ralph D Spencer, a shoe salesman. Love brings a positive change in his life. It seems that the justice system in early twentieth century America; despite breaking the law, Jimmy is never fully held accountable for his action.
    During his job in Elmore, one of Annabel nieces has shut her sister in the vault. Annabel’s family gets panic, because the combination of the vault has yet to be set and vault cannot be opened.Annablel looks to Ralphal for help, Jimmy grabs his suitcase and uses all tools and skills of opening the vault and gets the child out of the vault. he grabs his things and walks out the front door. Ignoring the people, behind him calling his name. he meets Ben, a cop, at the door and assume Ben is going to arrest him. Ben calls him Mr. Spencer and says, he must be mistaken, Ben price then turns and walks away.
    the main moral of the story is that honesty is always the best policy, and the main idea of the story is that the true love often encourages personal growth and self -improvement.

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