Welcome to USAEnglish.School !

USA English School is the official website for Year 4 of American English Lessons with Maestro Sersea, an intensive 5-year online American English course by email where thousands of English Learners from all over the world improve their American English skills for free.

This site features American English lessons and activities for international English Learners organized into 4 quarters. Each quarter is approximately 3 months/13 weeks. During each quarter, our English learners receive approximately 4 lessons per week for 13 weeks via e-mail. The lessons are located here, on this site.

In addition, our students are highly encouraged to participate in our E-Learning USA Facebook Page, as well as our Maestro Sersea YouTube Channel, where there are numerous educational videos for English Learners everywhere.

Each of our American English lessons feature helpful content that enable English Learners to follow clear directions in a simple-to-understand format. Students are encouraged to participate by adding a constructive comment at the bottom of each lesson post.

Don’t forget to also check out our Articles for American English Learners where English Learners from all over the world can build reading and listening comprehension skills while reading helpful articles.

It takes a great deal of motivation, determination, and commitment to learn American English. Maestro Sersea helps English Learners by motivating them and by offering clear, concise, and meaningful American English lessons that build English skills as well as confidence and fluency in the use of American English. Thank you for joining us!