4.5.4: Lesson 5 — American Short Stories

Congratulations for reaching Year 4 of your American English studies.  This year we will read numerous American short stories to build American English listening and reading comprehension skills.  Please pay close attention to each American short story assigned here and share your insights and what you’ve learned in the comments section below.

Directions:  Listen and read each short story and then share what you learned in the comments section below.


One thought on “4.5.4: Lesson 5 — American Short Stories

  1. 4.5.4: Lesson 5- American stories.
    ” Hearts and Crosses” written by Henry.
    The story, ‘Hearts and crosses ‘ is very interesting and appealing story.
    Baldy, friend of Webb Yeager are talking to each other. They have been cowboys together for years. They have been riding the same roads since they were young. Two cowboys are discussing their dissatisfactions with their lives. Although Webb and Santa got married after having a romance and making,symbole of ‘Heart and Cross’ to call and meet each other’s. But now, Webb is practically unhappy with his position as a prince consort to his wife, Santa McAllister, who is known as the cattle queen of West Texas, Webb ranch Fourman, tall, light hair, quite husband of Santa. Webb Yeager wants to regain his manhood, the qualities that are considered typical of a man. Santa eager, cattle queen, slim, strong and pretty lady. she is independent because of her business of castles, which she inherited from her father. Webb does not like the control of his in-laws over the business side, while he manages the cattle, he wants full control of his in everything. When he does not get his demand agreed, he leaves the place, Santa’s ranch and moves some other place to regain his sense of manhood.
    Years later a man, named Bartholomew mentioned to Santa that he has seen Webb working as a manger on another ranch. Santa continues to run her ranch successfully, but one night she secretly brands a white cow with a ‘ heart and crosse. a symbol that has once held special meaning for her and Webb. the cow is among group of cattle is sold to another ranch, where Webb is now working. Webb recognizes the brand of the white cow and returns to Santa’s Ranch. Both of them acknowledges their past mistakes and Santa assume she is no longer queen, but wife and a mother.
    ‘ Hearts and Crosses’ To love and to suffer- that’s what they mean.

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