4.11.1: Year 4 American English Vocabulary

Congratulations for reaching Year 4 of your English Studies.  For Year 4 American English vocabulary, we will work on American English idioms as well as short videos explaining a term heard in a movie.

  • Directions: Click on the link below to learn 3 American English Idioms


  • Directions: Watch the video below to learn a new English vocabulary term

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  1. 4.11.1: Year 4
    English @ the movies.
    New English vocabulary term, ” We are toast”.
    The meaning of the term, ”we are toast, I am toast, they are toas” to be in a lot of trouble, to be completely ruined, defeated etc…
    For example, I thought, I was toast when I arrived late at the meeting.
    This is your last time warning; one more missed class and you are toast.
    His career is toast because of his careless mistakes.

  2. 4.11.1: Year 4
    American English idioms#11
    . Beat to the punch: To do or achieve something before someone else is able to, or to be quicker than (another) is doing something.
    For example, we were working on a new product but before we could get into the
    market, our competition beat us to the punch.
    . Beat the bushes: Though, it is not currently used as a common phrase but the term,’
    beat the bushes refers to the act of searching for something that
    one may noy be able to find or to try very hard to get or achieve
    For example, He was tired of beating the bushes for work and he did not want to ask
    for help.
    I have been beating the bushes for a substitute but have not had any
    . Behind the eight ball: The phrase, ”behind the eight ball’ ‘to be in a bad situation or
    you are in a tough spot; it can also mean that you are out of
    luck and you are in a difficult or impossible situation.
    For example, many families in this country are still behind the eight ball and do not
    enjoy the same standard of living that other people enjoy.

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