4.8.1: Year 4 American English Vocabulary

Congratulations for reaching Year 4 of your English Studies.  For Year 4 American English vocabulary, we will work on American English idioms as well as short videos explaining a term heard in a movie.

  • Directions: Click on the link below to learn 3 American English Idioms


  • Directions: Watch the video below to learn a new English vocabulary term

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  1. 4.8.1: Year 4
    English @ the Movies: ” Give it a short”
    I watched the clip of the above movie, as I understand the meaning of the term, ” Give it a short” is, ” take a chance”, ” try it out”, ”go for it”, ” give it go”, and ” try your luck’ ‘regardless of outcome.
    example sentence, even though I have never baked the Lasanya before but I will give it
    a shot.

  2. 4.8.1: Year 4- American English Vocabulary
    ” Idioms”
    1) Back to wall: This term is often used as a figurative expression for someone, who has been defeated or is a term that describe a difficult situation specially if there is no other way out. In a hard -pressed situation, also without any way of escape.
    For example… In the end of cricket match our team had its back to the wall but continued to
    fight bravely.
    2) Backhanded compliment: An insulting and negative comment disguised as a praise.
    For example… She told me that my cooking was surprisingly good, which I thought was a
    backhanded compliment.
    3) Back seat driver: a passenger in a vehicle, who attempts to instruct the driver or criticize
    their driving skill or someone who tries to establish and maintain control
    over every situation. For example…My mother-in- law is always a back
    seat driver, when I am trying to cook. My husband is terrible backseat
    driver, when my daughter is driving.

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