4.4.1: Year 4 American English Vocabulary

Congratulations for reaching Year 4 of your English Studies.  For Year 4 American English vocabulary, we will work on American English idioms as well as short videos explaining a term heard in a movie.

  • Directions: Click on the link below to learn 3 American English Idioms

ALL WET, ALONG FOR THE RIDE, GO/COME, and APPLE OF (ONE’S) EYE: American English Idioms #4

  • Directions: Watch the video below to learn a new English vocabulary term

One thought on “4.4.1: Year 4 American English Vocabulary

  1. Lesson 4.4.1: Year 4
    American idioms.
    1) All wet: completely wrong, or I am wrong, you are wrong, mistaken
    Example of use… If we think that scientists can change the system of nature, both of us are all wet.
    2) Along for the ride: To join in an activity with plating any important part in it.
    For example… My mother was talking to me at the dinner, and I was just going along for the ride,
    because I was thinking about my job interview.
    3) Apple of the eye: The phrase, apple of my /someone’s eye ‘ is used to describe someone who is
    highly cherished by you. Example of use, I just love my granddaughter Rania, she is
    the apple of my eye.

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