4.2.1: Year 4 American English Vocabulary

Congratulations for reaching Year 4 of your English Studies.  For Year 4 American English vocabulary, we will work on American English idioms as well as short videos explaining a term heard in a movie.

  • Directions: Click on the link below to learn 3 American English Idioms
  • Directions: Watch the video below to learn a new English vocabulary term

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  1. 4.2.1 Lesson 5
    American English Idioms.
    1) Acid Test: The phrase, ‘ acid test’ is an idiom that refers to something or someone that proves the true qualities, value or success.
    For example, Crises management is the acid test of the leadership.
    He played well in the last match, but the acid test come when the team plays against
    2) Across the Board: It refer to something that affects everyone or everything within an organization system or society or applying to all.
    For example, some senior employees are unhappy that the new dress code applies to everyone across
    the board.
    There are hefty charges across. the board for one-way rental.
    3) Actions speak louder than words, means that what you do is more significant than what you say,
    or doing is better than just speaking.
    for example, don’t tell me how to do this, show me what is done.
    Politicians are all the same, all talk but no work, do they realize that actions speak
    louder than words?

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