4.1.2: Lesson 1 – The Presidents of the U.S.A.

This lesson will include information about the presidents of the United States of America in chronological order.  While this topic is informative in itself, these lessons will help build American English listening and reading skills as well.  Please make sure to pay close attention to the following materials and don’t forget to share your insights and what you’ve learned in the comments section below.

Directions: Listen to the audio and read the text below one or more times. After you finish, share your insights and what you’ve learned in the comments section below.


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  1. Lesson 4.1.2.
    America’s President
    ” the Unique Invention of the American president”.
    The office of the presidency does not mean the room where the leader of the United State works, it means the position and powers of the U.S. President. Sidney Milkis is part of public affairs at the University of Vergina and others at Millar center are specialists on U.S political history, they have significantly shaped political thought through their research that how parties influence Constitutional development. Sidney Milkis says that when it was created in the late 1700s. The U.S Presidency was unlike any other position in world history.
    For the thousands of years before the American Constitution people thought a strong executive power and a democracy. What Jefferson called self-government were different because how could a sovereign people delegate tremendous responsibility to one individual and still consider himself a democracy, even a representative democracy. Giving a lot of power to one person in a democracy did not seem to make sense. The writer of the Constitution understood the situation and remember the country’s founders had just fought for independence against the British, the American’s colonists had not liked being under the control of British King.
    James Madison and (Thamas) Jefferson thought the President power should be limited. Alexandra Hamiliton agreed with the idea of Milkis that President should be,” The anchor of American democracy.”
    In ,1787, delegates to Constitutional Convention found Unique solution and agreed to make the president a one- person job and not to give the too much power. The person would be elected for one four- year term at a one time and president would share power with a national legislature and a supreme court. But n time, Milkis says, Americas may decide to limit the president’s authority and give more power to Congress.
    Milkis adds one more thing about the unusual invention of the U.S. president, it was unclear that the public would trust a national executive, but as American’s president series shows for the most part, Americans respect the office of the president, instead of fearing great leader, they honor them.

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