4.4.3: Year 4 American English Lessons with Maestro Sersea

Hello students! During Year 4 of your American English studies, you will continue working on English Grammar, with one lesson per week for the entire year. Remember that the grammar video lesson below is just the beginning of the assignment. Your online research and further study into each grammar topic shared here will help you develop your American English skills.

You are encouraged to do your best to learn from each English grammar lesson as well as do further research via the Google search engine below if you need to learn more about each grammar topic.  Type today’s video grammar topic in the “Enhanced by Google” box below so you can search for more grammar resources.

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  1. 4.4.3: lesson 4
    Everyday Grammar: Causatives (Have, Get)
    We use a causative verb when we want to talk about something that someone else did for us or for another person. it means that the subject caused the action to happen, but did not do it themselves, maybe they paid or asked or persuaded the other person to do it.
    Example sentences.
    Have: Ali had his haircut by a hairdresser.
    I will have my maid send you for your help.
    Get: Maria got her car repaired.
    My husband got the waiter to bring us menus.
    My friend got her house cleaned before the party.

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