4.1.3: Year 4 American English Lessons with Maestro Sersea

Hello students! During Year 4 of your American English studies, you will continue working on English Grammar, with one lesson per week for the entire year. Remember that the grammar video lesson below is just the beginning of the assignment. Your online research and further study into each grammar topic shared here will help you develop your American English skills.

You are encouraged to do your best to learn from each English grammar lesson as well as do further research via the Google search engine below if you need to learn more about each grammar topic.  Type today’s video grammar topic in the “Enhanced by Google” box below so you can search for more grammar resources.

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  1. Lesson 4.1.3
    Everyday Grammar.
    ” Phrasal Verbs”. A phrasal verb is a group of words that functions as a verb and is made up of a verb plus a preposition an adverb or both. Phrasal verbs are important in English Language and impotent to learn because they are very common in English Language and the meaning of a verb often change significantly when it used in a phrasal verb. For example, the verb, ‘grow’ usually means to become larger or increase in amount but the phrasal verb, grow up’ means to become an adult or start behaving in a mature way,
    For example… She is letting her hair grow. She wants to be a doctor when she grows up.
    Give… the verb, ‘give’ means to give something to someone. the phrasal verb, ‘ give up ‘means to surrender or to stop making an effort in doing something.
    Some phrasal verbs with meanings and sentences.
    1) Check out: The act of leaving a hotel and paying bills. I hope you will check out from your hotel on time.
    2) Asked around: talking to different people in order to find out something. Maybe you should ask around to find out more about this guy.
    3) Run into meet someone by chance. I ran into Maria on the way home.
    4) Lookup: to become better. I hope things will start to look up in the new year.
    5) Come up: to move towards someone. A young girl came up to me and asked for money.

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